Meet our Postdoctoral Fellows! Khanh Vo

The new academic year is just around the corner — what better time to learn about our new team members? Meet Khanh Vo, the JHI-CDHI Digital Humanities Postdoctoral Fellow for 2022-23.

Meet Our Postdoctoral Fellows! Katie Mackinnon

With the exciting addition of three new postdoctoral fellows this summer, we wanted to get to know a little more about them as we head into the fall term. First up: meet Katie Mackinnon — our new Postdoctoral Fellow in Community Data.

CDHI Associate Director wins $449,922 to build counter-archive of diverse refugee experiences

Professor Thy Phu (Arts, Culture, and Media, UTSC and Associate Director, CDHI) has been awarded $449,922 through the SSHRC Race, Gender, and Diversity Initiative Grant competition. The Refugee States partnership will build the capacity of non-profit organizations and peer researchers to create and preserve knowledge that they want and need through the development of workshops on visual and digital storytelling.

My Experience with UTL Technical Skills Outreach Project and The Carpentries

By Sarah Park My first experience with a university community for technical skills was at UBC’s R Study Group. While I was working at UBC as an undergraduate student employee, my supervisor told me about this group where I could learn the programming language R. The student volunteers in the R Study Group led lessons using sample data in .csv files and R. I still clearly remember my experience of putting sticky notes on my laptop to indicate if I was doing fine, or if I was stuck. This spring...

The Global History Classroom: An Experiment in Collaborative, Intercultural Digital Humanities Education

By Elisa Tersigni                     International education can be a transformative experience for students, giving them a broader perspective and increasing cultural awareness. But for most students, international experiences are inaccessible: even study abroad programs, which are designed to lower the cost of international education, can be prohibitively expensive, and many students have commitments...

The Role Communities Play in Fostering Technical Skills

By Meaghan Carthy The opportunity to learn computational/data literacy or library skills can be exceedingly difficult to come by, especially for those who face barriers in knowing where to start or find and/or finding an inclusive and welcoming community to foster their growth. These barriers are especially an issue for people in non-STEM fields, and/or people who are often marginalized from computational skill resources or opportunities. These barriers can make taking up computational or...