Digital Humanities Developer

The CDHI is pleased to support faculty research projects with the assistance of Digital Humanities Developer Matt Lefaive

Matt Lefaive graduated from UTSC in 2019 with a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Linguistics. As the DH Developer in the CDHI, he aids researches in creating project websites and digital exhibitions. Matt also serves as a Project Coordinator in two departments at UTSC. His interests include open access research and the development of web applications to assist in language preservation and learning.

Matt’s areas of expertise include JavaScript (Node, Express, React), HTML, CSS, Python, and the creation of WordPress sites.

This resource is in a pilot phase. At this time, it is available to budgetarily-appointed University of Toronto faculty members engaged in critical digital humanities research.

To request an initial consultation with Matt, please fill out the form below.

Matthew Lefaive