Critical DH Co-Working Groups

Critical DH Co-Working Groups

CDHI is offering themed co-working groups to support cross-cutting and peer-to-peer learning. The goal of the co-working groups is to offer training and knowledge sharing opportunities that are deeper than a workshop, but less formal than a course. The groups will provide time and (virtual) space for members to learn new skills, troubleshoot issues related to DH research, and form interdisciplinary connections.


Visualization + Mapping in DH, Fall 2022

This group will bring together researchers working with an array of data visualization and mapping tools. It will build on CDHI Praxis Workshop on Visualizing Relationships (24 October 2022). This co-working group will be an ideal space to build your skills with Tableau, Gephi, Esri, StoryMaps, and other tools.

The group meets on alternating Thursdays, 3:00 – 4:00pm EST, via Zoom.




Thursday, October 20 Non-innocent and extractive data Join session
Thursday, November 3 Data feminism and mapping Join session
Thursday, November 17 Memory, visualization, and data Join session
Thursday, December 1 Computation, statistics, and relationship visualization Join session
Thursday, December 15 TBD Join session

For more information, to join the co-working group, and to access resources for meetings, contact the group lead Sophia Jaworski:

The CDHI is also hosting a Praxis Workshop on Visualizing Relationships on October 24 from 2:00 – 4:30pm.


Digital Texts, Spring 2023

This group will bring together researchers working with digital text work, methods, and approaches. In particular, this group will support colleagues working on pre-19th century projects through the lens of critical DH.

For more information and to join the co-working group, contact the group lead Randa El Khatib: