Project Profile:

Refugee States


Description: Refugee States is a community-based project that builds capacity for the co-creation of a digital archive of refugee stories that challenges dominant narratives about forced migration.​We are an interdisciplinary group of scholars in Canada engaged in critical refugee and migration studies. We are interested in exploring the social, historical, political, and cultural dimensions of displacement through a variety of different critical approaches. As we continue to grow and build our interested, we encourage scholars and refugee advocates who are interested in becoming new members to contact us.​

Contributors: Thy Phu and Maral Aguilera-Moradipo

Funding: SSHRC

This project was supported by CDHI and the UX Design for DH Accelerator project.

Recent News

Refugee States: Oral History Narrators Wanted

How do we tell stories of refugee stories differently? Refugee States is a project that challenges dominant narratives about forced migration. We partner with community organizations to co-create a counter-archive of refugee and migration oral histories and to...

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