Project Profile:

Struggle for Identity

from Scarborough College to the University of Scarborough 1964–present


Description: The Struggle for Identity explores the history of the University of Toronto Scarborough from its beginning in 1964. It is our goal with this project to capture the social and cultural history of our campus – the lived experience of the members of our campus community – faculty, students, and staff at all levels. We quickly discovered that the struggles of today have deep roots in our collective past – the continuing struggle for identity, diversity and all forms of representation, the role of technology and innovation, to name a few. We invite you to share in some of what we’ve learned.

Contributors: Leslie Chan, Christine Berkowitz, Nancy Lee, Maria Bacchus, Amena Ahmed, Inyoung Choi, Asmaa Helali, and Rafiya Mubashshira

Funding: Funding for this project generously provided by Vice Principal Academic and Dean, William Gough.

This project was supported by the UX Design for DH Accelerator program.

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