Project Profile:

It’s About time: Dancing Black in Canada, 1900–1970


Description: It’s About Time is a groundbreaking exhibition that highlights the unrecorded dance histories of Canada’s Black population from 1900-1970. Curated by scholar, artist, and educator Dr. Seika Boye, this exhibition offers insight into representations of Blackness and media reception of Black people dancing — from the dance floor to dance lessons, from the stage to public protests and activism. Explore the exhibition to learn about the various artists, choreographers, dance forms, venues, geographic locations, cultural backgrounds and heritage, artistic visions, and community initiatives that make up the history of Black dancing in Canada.

Contributors: Dr. Seika Boye

Funders: Dance Collection Danse, SSHRC partnership development grant, Mitchell Art Gallery and many other groups

This project was supported by the UX Design for DH Accelerator program.

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