Project Profile:

Hidden Florence


Twitter: @hiddenflorence

Description: This website accompanies a free smartphone app that invites you to experience Renaissance Florence through the eyes of five contemporary characters. Each guide takes you on a unique walking tour through the city’s rich past, linking the sites you visit to stories from their own lives and times.


  • Nicholas Terpstra, Professor, Department of History, University of Toronto
  • Fabrizio Nevola, Professor and Chair, Department of Art History and Visual Culture, University of Exeter and Director of the Centre for Early Modern Studies, University of Exeter
  • David Rosenthal, Research Fellow, Art History and Visual Culture, University of Exeter
  • Daniel Jamison, Postdoctoral Fellow, Hidden Florence and DECIMA Projects, University of Toronto
  • Sharon Strocchia, Professor, Department of History, Emory University
  • Colin Rose, Assistant Professor, European and Digital History, Brock University
  • Julia Rombough, Assistant Professor, Gender History, Cape Breton University

Recent News

CDHI Associate Director wins $449,922 to build counter-archive of diverse refugee experiences

Professor Thy Phu (Arts, Culture, and Media, UTSC and Associate Director, CDHI) has been awarded $449,922 through the SSHRC Race, Gender, and Diversity Initiative Grant competition. The Refugee States partnership will build the capacity of non-profit organizations and peer researchers to create and preserve knowledge that they want and need through the development of workshops on visual and digital storytelling.

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CDHI Digital Humanities Developer

The CDHI invites applications for a Digital Humanities (DH) Developer to work collaboratively with faculty researchers on the complete lifecycle of digital scholarship projects. We are looking for someone with strong front-end development skills who is a collaborative, creative, and strategic thinker able to work closely with faculty to define research project goals and attainable deliverables within grant and research timelines and schedules. This is a term appointment until April 2024 with the possibility of renewal/extension. Applications are due May 26, 2022.

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