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DHSI Discount Codes for University of Toronto Members

We have discount codes for University of Toronto faculty, students, librarians and staff to attend the Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI) this summer. Please use codes: UT-Stdnt ($300) or UT-NonStdnt ($300). As a member of the Digital Library Federation we have additional discount codes: DLF-NonStdnt ($300) or DLF-Stdnt ($300). You can register for workshops at the … Read More

APPLY: Digital Humanities Coworking/Lab Space, due November 12, 2018

Many of us working in digital humanities find we need working space in which to meet with collaborators, students, and others working on our digital humanities projects. The Jackman Humanities Institute at the University of Toronto has a “Digital Humanities” space (see photo right) for University of Toronto faculty members, from any unit, who are … Read More

APPLY: Digital Humanities Summer Institute Scholarships, due October 31, 2018

We are delighted to announce that the DHN is a partner for the Digital Humanities Summer Institute, held at the University of Victoria. As a partner sponsor, we have five free spots for attendance, as well as additional discounted spots. In order to allocate the five free spots for UofT affiliates (Students, Faculty, Librarians, and Staff) … Read More

Welcome to the Digital Humanities Network

Welcome to the Jackman Humanities Institute’s Digital Humanities Network (DHN), based at the University of Toronto. The mandate of the DHN is to design and support initiatives that raise awareness and build upon U of T’s existing strengths in the digital humanities. The network defines the digital humanities broadly, including communities and methods, tools, and … Read More