Project Profile:

The Juba Project: Early Blackface Minstrelsy in Britain, 1842-1852

Archived Project


Description: The Juba Project, named after early minstrelsy’s most famous and most unusual early practitioner, explores this phenomenon both from a historical and a dramaturgical perspective. Links on this page will take you to the different parts of the project, including a database that will allow you to trace the movements of performers around Britain from 1842-1852 (Search the Database), a closer examination of some of the documents and one group of performers (Featured Performers & Documents — a good place to start), a performance-practice site that will explore the responses of contemporary artists to the documents and traditions of minstrelsy (Artists Respond), and information about a book of original essays on minstrelsy’s traditions and legacy, edited by Juba Project Director Stephen Johnson (Burnt Cork).


  • Stephen Johnson, Professor Emeritus, Department of English and Drama, University of Toronto Mississauga
  • Beth Marquis, Database Coordinator, Juba Project Web Design Revisions and Updates, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Alexis Butler, Research Coordinator, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Anam Ahmed, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Paul Babiak, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Joel Benabu, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Steph Berntson, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Justin Blum, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Jordana Commisso, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Dave DeGrow, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Carolyn Farrell, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Melissa Hamilton, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Thomas Jones, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Karen Lazar, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Laura MacDonald, Graduate Research Assistant
  • James Mackinnon, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Toby Malone, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Diana Manole, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Mladen Ovadija, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Kim Radmacher, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Alysse Rich, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Birgit Schreyer, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Danielle Szlawieniec-Haw, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Mark Turner, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Lydia Wilkinson, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Karen Zaiontz, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Emma Johnson, Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Marisa Ship, Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Ruth Yateman, Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Laura MacDonald, Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Nathan Bitton, Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Andrew Ingram, Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Sandra Klincov, Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Shannon Shura, Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Sian Meikle, Database Design, Web Application Designer
  • Robert H. Michels, Database Consultant
  • Gordon Belray, Database Web Design
  • Jenny Hu, Database Web Design
  • Nick Marquis, Juba Project Web Design
  • Justin Blum, Juba Project Web Design Revisions and Updates
  • David Hall, Juba Project Web Design Revisions and Updates
  • Byron Moldofsky, Interactive Maps Research and Design
  • Marieange Beaudry, Interactive Maps Research and Design
  • Justin Ngan, Interactive Maps Research and Design
  • Sally-Beth MacLean, Consultant

Funders: SSHRC; Office of the Associate Dean, University of Toronto Mississauga; Office of the Dean, School of Graduate Studies, University of Toronto; Office of the Vice-President and Provost, University of Toronto; The Jackman Humanities Institute; The Connaught Foundation

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