Farewell to Jennifer Ross!

Jul 16, 2021

Please join us in wishing our wonderful JHI Postdoctoral Fellow, Jennifer Ross, a fond farewell! Jennifer recently completed her postdoctoral fellowship with the Digital Humanities Network. Over the past year Jennifer was the organizer of the 2020–2021 Lightening Lunches, which brought together people from around campus and the world to discuss important and topical DH issues, such as indigenous data studiesarchiving black history and culture, and the intersection of DH and energy humanities

Jennifer also spent the fellowship continuing her research, which focused on American literature, critical disaster and terrorism studies, and critical digital humanities. After plenty of Covid delays, her contributions in one edited volume have finally been released, with a second volume on its way. The chapter “Tactics of Battle, Strategies of State: Counterterrorism and the Hurricane Katrina Exception” can be found in Liberal Disorder: Emergency Politics, Populist Uprisings, and Digital Dictatorships (Routledge, 2020). Later this year, her essay “A Language of Suffering and Solidarity: Building Transnational Community in Omar el Akkad’s American War” will be published in the edited volume Transnational Spaces: Intersections of Cultures, Languages, and Peoples (Vernon Press, 2021). 

Thankfully, Jennifer isn’t going far: she has been awarded another postdoctoral fellowship with UTM’s Failure: Learning in Progress Project. In her new position, Jennifer works with Drs. Fiona Rawle and Nicole Laliberte to study the workings of power and privilege in failure pedagogy. We congratulate her on her new postdoctoral fellowship and look forward to seeing her at DH events around the tri-campus!