Conference Posters

CDHI International Conference 2022

The Authority of the Influencer

A Case Study of Language, Power, and Communication Strategies in an Instagram Post

Jamie Takaoka

Measures Become Targets

Goodhart’s Law and the unintended consequences of AI in psychiatric care

Darla Reslan, Zoe Findlay, Dr. Marta Maslej, Dr. Laura Sikstrom

Dark Patterns: Deception & Manipulation in User Experience Design

Mathew Iantorno, Sebastian Rodriguez, Daniel Guadagnolo

Queer Ghosts: an XR Arcade

Maureen Engel, Caitlin Fisher

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Uncovering Global Medieval and Early Modern History from Textile Pastedowns in Ethiopian Manuscripts

Carolina Almenara-Melis

Recorded Sessions

Re-writing Colonial Past: Digital Storytelling Software as a Decolonial Tool for Archival Activism

Dinalo Chakma