Graduate Programs

Currently, there are no graduate programs or certificates in digital humanities at the University of Toronto. However, there are several programs where one can do DH work, in the context of a related degree program (see below). If your U of T grad unit offers DH courses, please let us know at

The Knowledge Media Design Institute (KMDI)

KMDI, now housed within the Faculty of Information, offers a Collaborative Specialization in Knowledge Media Design, which University of Toronto graduate students can pursue in addition to their regular departmental degree program. The KMDI’s portfolio includes action research projects, cross-sector collaborations, and community outreach initiatives. Their affiliated Labs and projects explore the various social, cultural, ethical, and political implications of technological artifacts and systems, from 3D printers and game consoles, to social media platforms and environmental data infrastructures. To learn more see their website at:

Faculty of Information

The Faculty of Information offers multiple degree programs at both the graduate and the undergraduate level in all aspects of information and data studies. While there are no programs focused on digital humanities, many faculty members work in this area, and their teaching is informed by this research.