Mark V. Campbell and Alejandro I. Paz named JHI-UTSC Digital Humanities Early Career Fellows

The Digital Humanities Network is pleased to announce two new JHI-UTSC Digital Humanities Early Career Fellows for 2020-2021: Mark V. Campbell, with his project “AfroSonic Audio: Archival interruptions by hip hop’s esoteric and ephemeral arts,” and Alejandro I. Paz, with his project “Visualizing Sources: The Intertextual Epistemics of News, MediaCAT & Digital Palestine/Israel.”

The Early Career Fellowship is an 18-month scholarship co-sponsored by the DHN alongside the Jackman Humanities Institute, University of Toronto Scarborough, USTC’s Digital Scholarship Unit, UTSC’s Office of the Vice-Principal Academic and Dean, and UTSC’s Office of the Vice-Principal Research & Innovation. The fellowship supports the research of scholars at the University of Toronto Scarborough whose humanities or social science research involves the digital humanities.

Mark V. Campbell (Department of Arts, Culture and Media) is a DJ, scholar and curator. His research explores the relationships between Afrosonic innovations and notions of the human. “AfroSonic Audio” is a research creation project by which Dr. Campbell works at the intersections of Black studies, musicology and the digital humanities to produce two audio tracks utilizing archival materials from Toronto’s sonic lineage. 

Alejandro I. Paz (Anthropology) addresses the role of language in globalization, transnationalism and diaspora, as well as the relation between public communication, media and citizenship. “MediaCat” is a web application to track the digital dissemination of news online, which will be used to consider the impact of Israeli English-language news websites on the digital dissemination of news about Israel and Palestine specifically, and about the Middle East more generally.