First University of Toronto Annual Conference of the Digital Humanities Network

The event will be structured loosely, around the principles of an “unconference.” In June,  attendees will be invited to pitch and/or sign up for sessions on topics on which they have expertise, or which they want to hear discussed. Suggestions will then be arranged into 3-5 plenary sessions, which will punctuate multiple, parallel breakout sessions. These sessions will last two days, after which there will be a final half-day hackathon.  We expect talks and discussions on such topics as machine translation, algorithmic reading, deep learning for humanities research, gaming and gamification, and augmented and virtual reality. If there is enough demand, the event may include some workshops on tools (e.g. Cytoscape, Scalar, Omeka), systems and platforms (e.g. Islandora, GIS), frameworks (e.g. IIIF, W3C), and programming and markup languages and data formats (e.g. relational databases and SQL, XML, XSLT, TEI). Click HERE for event registration details.